BBQ Lighting Gel 1 Litre Box of 12

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BBQ Lighting Gel 1L Box of 12

Ideal for starting your barbecue in a safe manner. Barbeque lighting gel will safely run a variety of devices in the outdoors. Including BBQs, firepits, log burners, camping grills and bonfires. It is ideal ideal for camping, barbecue charcoal or any other bbq grill. 

Barbecue Lighting Gel is supplied in 1 litre shatterproof bottles and is a clean and safe way to ignite a barbecue due to its no spill formula which is quick to light.

  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Quick to ignite

Because Lighting Gel is thicker than a liquid, it lowers the risk of spillage. It comes with full comprehensive usage and safety instructions and has a secure safety cap.

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BBQ Lighting Gel 1 Litre Box of 12

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