Need To Choose A Wholesaler For Quality Caravan Equipment?

Caravanning has been a popular activity in Britain for many decades now. One of these is because it offers a unique and flexible way to explore the country. Travellers can be more independent and create all kinds of unforgettable memories. 


Caravan and camping equipment has a wide market across the country. These types of products are brilliant at selling at everything from outdoor retail stores to garden centres.

What makes caravanning such a well-loved activity?

With a caravan, someone has the freedom to travel almost anywhere, without worrying about booking a hotel or sticking to a particular route. It’s highly appealing for more adventurous travellers who love exploring off the beaten path. 

Caravans really came into their own during the Covid-19 pandemic, when they made social distancing much easier. They were also particularly popular since ‘staycations’ became more prevalent. However, another benefit of caravans is they can also be taken abroad when needed.

When people have the right equipment, caravans are also generally more budget friendly than other kinds of travel. Whether people are travelling in a family or group, they can save money on accommodation and will have the ability to cook their own meals (which further reduces expenditure).

Caravanning also helps people to get closer to nature. People can park up in campsites close to stunning countryside locations, near beaches, forests, or other scenic spots. Nothing beats reconnecting with nature when it comes to relaxing and unwinding. 

Caramarine is a wholesaler of a range of caravan equipment, including products which enhance people’s comfort and convenience. 

Nowadays, people like to have a caravan that has all their home comforts. That includes their own bedding, kitchen facilities and bathroom amenities, making it a comfortable way to travel, especially for longer trips. 

As wholesalers, we have everything from furniture and sleeping equipment to electrical accessories, security solutions and waste and hygiene products. In short, everything customers need to equip themselves for a comfortable journey.

dynasty stovedynasty stove

Popular products include our GoSystem Dynasty Compact Stove which is a pleasure to use. 

Another reason caravans are popular is that people can easily connect with other travellers. We have both caravan equipment that’s practical and those which will appeal to caravan enthusiasts, like this fun Carry On Mug.

Many caravan parks are great places to meet fellow travellers, exchange stories, and share tips about places to visit. Travelling via caravan is also a wonderful way for families to reconnect, escaping distractions like television or the internet. Instead, they can enjoy quality time together and explore the surrounding countryside.

Another reason caravans are more popular than ever is they’re pet-friendly. 

Dog ownership soared during the pandemic, and more people want to take their dog on holiday than ever before. This has meant camping and caravanning is also more popular, and various holiday parts have become more pet-friendly. After all, leaving behind dogs at the kennels can feel heart-rending. 

If you have beloved pets in your family, travelling by caravan eliminates the stress of finding pet-friendly accommodation. Most caravan parks are pet-friendly, allowing your furry companions to join in on the adventure.

We have a whole section of wholesale products related to pets. These include treats, odour eliminators, blankets, cooling mats, and much more. Retail stores benefit nowadays from considering people’s pets and the bigger part they pay in our lives.

A caravan also means people can explore more remote locations. 

With the right equipment, people can head to less accessible areas that may not be reachable by public transport or larger vehicles. This opens up a whole new world of exploration and discovery.

How well is the UK domestic tourist market doing?

Studies by Visit Britain have showed that a higher proportion of people intended to take a holiday in the UK, both in terms of in comparison to the previous year and also in comparison to those intending to take a holiday abroad.

One reason for this is because people are cutting back on spending. As aforementioned, travelling by caravan is generally much more affordable. That means that holiday caravan and camping sites could expect more people to self cater on site. 

Caramarine frequently has amazing offers and promotions to make buying caravan equipment wholesale more affordable. Opening an account with us couldn’t be easier and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Having been in this industry since 1970, we’re highly knowledgeable about the camping and caravan industry. You can also be assured we always keep up with the latest market trends. Our latest 2024/25 catalogue contains a wide range of products, all of which are at genuine trade-only prices. 

Ordering online couldn’t be easier, and our customer support team is only a phone call away.

If you’re looking for a wholesaler of caravan and camping equipment, simply contact our team for more information

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